Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Happy 55th Birthday! AND Happy Father's Day! You get a twofer this year! 

Thank you.

Thank you for working so hard and living without so that I could grow up with mom always home.

Thank you for deciding to have a fourth child. I know that three was a handful and it took a lot of convincing to keep going. I'm glad you did!

Thank you for giving me your height, dark skin, and blonde hair.

Thank you for affectionately naming me David "Toad".

Thank you for calling me "Doi" and coining the term "The Doi language".

Thank you for allowing me to come home from Church every Sunday when I was young and sit on your belly in my white Sunday shirt and underwear munching on graham crackers while you laid on the couch.

Thank you for taking me on errands with you every Saturday growing up, making rounds at The Home Depot, lunch at Mickey D's, and pretending not to know that we would end up at Toys R Us at the end of each trip to purchase me a new Power Ranger Megazord much to Mom's protest.

Thank you for taking the time to read to me every night until I started grasping the concept of reading myself.

Thank you for laying in my bed with me and fighting off the monsters while I fell asleep.

Thank you for teaching me from a very young age to work hard. For teaching me that no one owes me anything.

Thank you for teaching me how to be organized.

Thank you for teaching me to give everything you have, even if what you have isn't a lot.

Thank you for teaching me how to use the riding lawn mower at ten years old despite your better judgement.

Thank you for suffering through Scouting with me. I know you understand my deep loathing for camping and the confusion that comes with people who actually want to spend a night sleeping on the ground.

Thank you for taking me to every Harry Potter book midnight premiere even though a lot of times you had work early the next morning. 

Thank you for bribing me with $300 dollars to play football in 8th grade and then not being too disappointed in me once I quit after one practice.

Thank you for always providing me with a vehicle to get around in. 

Thank you for supporting me in my musical endeavors despite that not being an area of interest for you personally.

Thank you for helping support me on my mission morally and financially.

Thank you for helping support me in college. For all the money spent on housing, flights, gas, and food.

Thank you for using your time and money to attend my college graduation.

Thank you for letting me bum off you after college while I get the next step of my life together.

Thank you for your sense of humor and laughing at my inappropriate jokes.

Thank you for caring enough to annoy and poke fun even though I whine just as much now as I did when I was five years old.

Thank you for putting up with me screeching "DAAAAAAADDDDDD" in the most annoying way possible.

Thank you for making sure your children have everything and more. 

Thank you for accepting me for who I am and not trying to change that.

Thank you for withholding judgement and showing love when I make mistakes-no matter how large they are sometimes. 

Above all, thank you for being my Dad.

I love you Daddy.

David "Toad"

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